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The ThreadRaiders Online Community is a motley collection of table top and video gamers who enjoy discussing all kinds of different topics. Enjoy the Web site and be sure to check us out on all of our social media platforms (#ThreadRaiders) because meeting awesome people like you is what this group is all about!


  • 2018.MAY.17 - Wizard World
  • 2018.JUN.22 - PhillyPodFest
  • 2018.JUL.28 - Thread Raiders 1yr Birthday
  • 2018.AUG.02 - Gencon
  • 2018.NOV.03 - Extra Life Fundraiser

Chaotic Anarachy

Founder of the Thread Raiders, co-host of the Thread Raiders Podcast, inventor of the grilled-cheese-tomato-and-ranch sandwich, and overall decent human being.

The Walking Virus

Hi, I'm The Walking Virus, I've loved gaming for so long I can't even remember when I started, I also really enjoy helping people figure things out as well as doing silly voices and just entertaining people in general. I stream a variety of games and genres including tabletop RPGs. I also adore Gene Wilder's rendition of Willy Wonka!

Death By Mage

Death By Mage, or Jacky Leung, has been playing RPGs for over fifteen years but always had a knack for roleplaying since his youth. He writes frequently for his blog, but also is in the process of being a self-published author. He also writes for News & Reviews at EncounterRoleplay.com weekly along with his own articles and content for DMsGuild and DriveThruRPG. Jacky loves to travel, especially to other countries, eat good food, and go on adventures. He believes that the world's greatest sense of unity is through food, music, stories, and games.

Mage is always happy to help others develop their settings, games, and even provide ideas through brainstorming. He enjoys collaborating with others and enjoys creating things in the process. He also enjoys his tea every day along with mastering his various evil laughs.

Tyler Kennedy

Tyler Kennedy TK, Thread Raider, Geek, Nerd, Doer of things! I write tales of fantastical lands that one day I hope to convert into an amazing campaign supplement. Host of the podcast Fireside tales with TK, and co-founder of the budding podcast network Author Cast Network. (Launch April 2018) I will also be on a yet to be named DnD podcast with a group of great folks. I will be starting the Geek Boutique, a shop that will cater to geeks and geekettes, with bath items, candles, incense, and sundries. All will contain a special prize. I also enjoy tinkering and making things, Leonardo Da Vinci is awesome!


Thym (pronounced "time," or just Adam) was born and raised in the frigid tundra of Northern Minnesota, managing to keep his unending optimism alive during the subzero winters by spending most of it inside reading Dragonlance and Harry Potter, and playing video games like Baldur's Gate, Neverwinter Nights, and Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind. He has a love of high-fantasy, science fiction, different religions and cultures, and old pieces of music written by people who have been dead for ages.

A relative newcomer to tabletop RPGS compared to some of the Thread Raiders, he has only been playing for about four years, but he's loved every minute of it. He is currently splitting his time between working too much, tackling his list of around 650 Movies to watch, playing video games on and off stream, and reworking a homebrew setting he created to be a proper, full-fledged system. It's got guns and futuristic technology and psionics and tons of neon and grit. It's going to be glorious.


My name is Daquine, and I'm a life-long gamer who has found a passion for both tabletop and video gaming! I found enjoyment in having fun with others in the best way possible -- through the adventures of online and locally played digital recreation!


Athletic. Rugged. Accomplished. These are not words to describe Tim. A random bloke from rural England, you can probably find him drinking some tea, reading comics, spouting utter nonsense on social media or occasionally writing some thoroughly average NPC's for Dungeons and Dragons in addition to pithy thoughts on anything really at https://dungeonsanddemons.wordpress.com/


Matty is an Idahoan living the life with his husband and 3 furbabies. He's an aspiring author that's been writing a 3 novel "High Fantasy" trilogy set in his own Homebrew D&D world. He started playing AD&D First Edition when he was 14 and is a lover of all things RPG/TableTop gaming. Whether it's battling a Red Dragon in a D&D 5E campaign or connecting train routes across America in Ticket to Ride, he's generally at his happiest at a table playing games. Though, nothing would describe him better than a pure optimist that sees all the best in the people and places around him. He can be found playing in Threads of Fate Fridays 4pm PST 7pm EST at Twitch.tv/SoulBearProd and soon will be running Vampire the Masquerade One Shots at Twitch.tv/ThreadRaiders.

David Steele

The "Voice of Steele" behind the Steele Empire. He sang and acted in bands and musicals. In later years he became a wedding DJ mixing music for peoples' entertainment. At this time, he found enjoyment being behind the microphone as an announcer/ Emcee. Fast forward to more recent years, David decided to consider voice acting and took some classes which led to him building a home recording studio.

David took on jobs as a live announcer, book narrator and commercial voice actor. While honing the voice acting craft, he found and fell in love with Podcasts. Now long after, David and his children started the "Steele Empire Production Network". Their first podcast was "A Quest for Magic and Steele" a DnD, Dungeons and Dragons gameplay show. They decided to make it about the story and adventure more than the actual gameplay mechanics. With this in mind, they use improv to act out their individual characters with voices and silly quests. Shortly after they gained a following, it was on to a new adventure, Audio Drama! "Ark City" was born. A near future, post-apocalyptic, sci-fi, action drama. Being told from a first-person point of view, the listener follows along as the main character Nathan aka. Lawful Good finds his place in the world.


Of all the places to go on the Internet to find dice for your DnD or Pathfinder campaign, Table Top Loot is the best. They also have some great accessories and a monthly mystery loot box option that's sure to keep you well-stocked with great supplies.